This young child has grown up and is now regarded as the highest-paid model.

Meet Svetlana Gass from Odessa. Looks 35 years old, right? But she is 61 years old. In fact, Svetlana is already retired, but she does not believe in it. And this approach works! The rules of Svetlana’s life are simple: no serials and gossip at the entrance. Time must be put to good use. For example, play sports.

Svetlana loves swimming very much. She also practices yoga and Pilates, walking and cycling. Physical activity is complemented by a healthy diet. Only healthy products, fresh cottage cheese is a must for dinner. That’s not all. Svetlana herself calls the main secret of beauty the correct daily routine.

Waking up at 6 in the morning, but at the same time, you need to go to bed early, because it is necessary to get enough sleep. Self care is also important. It is easier for Svetlana here, because she is the owner of a beauty salon. By the way, low-income elderly ladies in Svetlana’s salon get a manicure for free.

Because helping others is important too. Including for beauty.

Svetlana always took care of her health and appearance, but she didn’t even think about the podium. Until her daughter applied for her to the beauty contest Miss Grandmother in Bulgaria. Svetlana agreed, of course, not immediately. But thinking, went and won.

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