This girl married a Japanese man and now has a 6-year-old daughter. Here’s what she looks like

Natalia’s goal was to work in the USA, and she persistently improved her knowledge of the English language. And in order to have more chances to get the desired job, the girl also began to learn Chinese. Although she was the pride of her parents, their hopes were not destined to come true.

At the language courses, the girl met the Japanese Keito, her future husband. At first, young people were friends and helped each other in learning foreign languages. Keito trained to speak English with Natalia, young people often studied together, because China was a foreign country for both of them.

After some time, their friendly relations grew into romantic ones, and they decided to legalize the marriage. First of all, Natalia met the groom’s parents. Dreams of a career in America were forgotten, the girl began to study the culture and mentality of Japan․

More than six years have passed since the wedding, and the spouses do not hide the fact that there were enough difficulties in their relationship.

Both received a different upbringing, but they were able to overcome all the differences between them thanks to strong and sincere feelings.

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