They are close friends and separating them is not public

We have already talked more than once about the friendship between animals of different species, which at first glance seem completely incompatible.

A photographer named Tanya Brandt lives in Germany, and on her social media page, the girl often shares pictures of this interesting couple. The sheepdog’s name is Ingo, and the owl’s name is Poldi. She once sheltered these two at her home, but she could not even think that they would ever be able to find a common language!

As Tanya herself says, she only needs to have time to photograph them, because these comrades are so cute and it’s a sin to capture the manifestation of friendship on camera – these hugs and kisses. The pictures are very touching, lively and natural. The dog always protects and protects the bird.

At the moment, several dogs and birds live at the photographer’s house, and the most interesting thing is that they all get along remarkably well with each other. And what gorgeous pictures!

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