They are the first sevens in the world. He is already 25 years old. Here’s what they look like

This family became famous overnight. In 1997, the woman gave birth to seven twin children. The news of the birth of 3 girls and 4 boys quickly spread across the world’s media. This was the first birth of septuplets in history. Those who have raised two or three sets of twins will understand how difficult the situation was for the McCaughes, who had to raise seven children at the same time. However, Kenny and Bobby did not give up, the twins were not deprived of care and parental affection, they grew up in a friendly family.

Back in 2015, the sevens turned 18 years old. They have become adults and have already decided their future. After birth, the children were crumbs, the largest weighed 1.5 kilograms. Various charitable organizations took an active part in the fate of a large family. They were given a large and comfortable house, free school meals for their children and the opportunity to have a good rest during the holidays. But it did not save the father from the need to work, and the children were taught to work from childhood.

The McCaughners’ first child, the eldest daughter, always helped her mother take care of her many brothers and sisters. The children decided on their future careers on the eve of their 18th birthday. The family is very friendly, there is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Brothers and sisters are connected not only by family relations, they have become true friends for each other.



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