An apartment that became unrecognizable after renovation

When buying an apartment on the secondary market, some people are specifically looking for housing without repair, in order to be able to equip everything to their liking. Today we will tell you about how a family of 4 people (two adults and two children) equipped a small two-room apartment, having thought through the space for everyone.

First, the entrance to the kitchen was moved, now it is from the side of the room, and the bathroom and toilet were combined. Since the apartment has two rooms, one of them served as a bedroom for the spouses, and the second – for the children.

Dmitry and Daria made an attic bed for themselves, next to the workplace they built steps that lead to the second floor. The space was saved and the couple got their own private place to sleep. To keep the bed safe upstairs, a transparent plastic rim was attached to it.

The nursery, like the whole apartment, was painted white with a special washable paint.

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