Dogs outside can be fed with these devices that are placed on the streets and can provide dog food instead of plastic bottles.

It would be great if this idea was implemented in other countries as well. This is really a program that deserves approval. There are about 100 thousand stray dogs and cats in Istanbul. And, despite the fact that more than 14 million people live in the city, animals still live on the streets without finding a new home for themselves. 

The Turkish company Pugedon tried to provide these animals with food and drink. Unusual vending machines designed to collect PET bottles have been installed on the streets of Istanbul.

 They are unusual in that they are also outdoor animal feeding machines; every time someone puts an empty plastic bottle into a special slot, the machine activates a mechanism, thanks to which a certain amount of food is poured into a bowl placed below. If there is water left in the bottle, it can be squeezed out and poured into another bowl next to the food. 

These machines are free for the municipality. Pugedon bought them and a PET bottle recycling company pays for the feed. An amazing idea, thanks to which it is possible to save the environment from pollution, as well as feed homeless animals.

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