Inside the world’s largest floating fish farm is a large ship

On the slope of a high mountain, the climbers saw a house that in all respects should not be there. They knocked on the door and people came out on the threshold. It turned out that the whole family had been living in the mountains for 80 years without any contact with civilization. The Teshar family has owned the mountain for the third century. Generation after generation children grow up here. Someone goes to the big world, but others are quite satisfied with life on the outskirts of civilization.

The head of the local clan Hussein Tesha. He and his wife, Emine, have 10 children. Five have matured and left, the rest constantly live with their parents and lead a joint life. Once every few months, the head of the family goes to the only nearby village.

He trades wool and meat for some important household items such as knives and clothes. All the food for these people is provided by a garden and domestic animals – several goats and a cow graze nearby in the mountains. For the last 80 years, the family has had almost no contact with civilization.

No electricity, no water: food is cooked on an open fire, water is taken from a mountain river. You have to walk several kilometers to the river, so in winter Teshar melt the snow. See how this amazing family lives: None of the hermits expressed a desire to return to the big world. Mountains have replaced cities.


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