Imagine that this yacht costs 650 million dollars. Here’s what it looks like from the inside

Bill Gates spent $650 million to design and build a unique superyacht that uses liquid hydrogen exclusively as fuel. The Microsoft founder did not plan to show the interiors of his new floating center, but then agreed and the shipyard showed the device of the 115-meter AQUA from the inside. 

The installation gives the vessel the opportunity to develop quite worthy 17 knots with a range of up to 3750 nautical miles. But the innovations of the project are hidden not only in the engine room. The entire upper half of the front part of the upper deck is occupied by the owner’s private quarters. 

This is a series of interconnected rooms with an open layout the owner will be able to change their architecture with the help of thin wooden walls. On the axis of the yacht is a bedroom with a view to the wheelhouse. Bathroom, dressing room, spa and other little things are included. On the bow is a secluded cabin, more like a world control center. Actually, the captain should feel that way. 

The lower deck of AQUA is dedicated to guest cabins. You can go down here by a giant spiral staircase that goes through the entire yacht. In total, there are five decks, at the stern there are several platforms leading to the sea: Another description of the yacht:
The authors of the project claim that AQUA will be the future for the entire design of modern superyachts. Most likely they are right.



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