Dubai’s Millionaires and Their Underwater Dachas: Looking Inside.

Dubai’s millionaires have always preferred luxury in their interiors, but the recent projects of “country cottages” have obviously reached a qualitatively different level. By order of wealthy people, architects have implemented extremely unusual projects right off the coast of an artificial archipelago: elite houseboats have an underwater floor and even their own coral reef gardens.

The Floating Seahorse project was first presented back in 2015. He not only attracted the attention of potential buyers, but also received government support. The grant allowed the architects of The Kleindienst Group to quickly realize the first villas, and a few months later, 60 houses were bought from the company in advance at once.

Our specialists spent five thousand hours on the study of the very possibility of implementing the project. For another 13,000 hours, designers and then engineers created the final look of a unique villa,” said Joseph Kleindinst, CEO of the architectural bureau. From a technical point of view, a cottage with an underwater floor is considered a ship, and these houses are designed like this. Each house weighs about 400 tons, it is not fixed in any way.

The owner does not need to be afraid of a sudden departure: the waters off the coast of the artificial archipelago are stagnant, the special design and the correct weight distribution reliably hold the room in one place. The base of each dacha is assembled by hand on land. Then the house is lowered to the place of the future base and supplemented, hermetically closing the underwater floor. The basis of the structure is a special concrete mixture, located on the surface of the premises are formed from a lightweight aluminum frame. As planned by the architects, the underwater floor is the main one. Here is the master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and a Jacuzzi.

On two floors rising above the surface, a kitchen, a shower, a terrace and another jacuzzi with a transparent bottom. In addition, specialists arrange a real coral garden around the underwater floor. Fish and seahorses will come here. The cost of each dacha is now equivalent to 1.5 billion rubles. The price tag will only increase due to high demand. A small excursion to the underwater dacha: In total, the company plans to build 142 dachas. The authors of the project are going to finalize the design and add the ability to go out of the underwater floor directly into the ocean with scuba gear.


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