A man bought a drawing at a flea market and forgot about it. Years later, it turned out that he was 500 years old and worth millions.

A passer-by bought an ordinary-looking drawing at a yard flea market. He left it on the shelf and forgot. Years later, and almost by accident, it turned out that the “drawing” is about 500 years old, and it costs $ 50 million. The drawing, about 6 years ago, was exhibited at the sale of the property of the architect Jean-Paul Karlian.

This is an unframed piece of canvas depicting a mother and child. The buyer paid about 3 thousand rubles for the drawing. At home, the man wanted to frame the drawing and place it on the desktop. While doing business, he completely forgot about his plans and the drawing quietly gathered dust on the shelf.

Only a few years later, the image caught the eye of an expert, and here the fun began. The drawing turned out to be an original work by Albrecht Dürer. Museum workers have already checked it and confirmed that the drawing is not a fake. We put it up for auction for $50 million.

Believe me, this is not the final price yet,” collector Clifford Schorer explained to journalists. The new owner of the drawing wished to remain anonymous. Money loves silence.


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