200 years people have been trying to find 2 cats in a puzzle: only 1 minute to solve

About 200 years ago, a prankster posted a logic puzzle in a newspaper. The author claims that even a baby can solve it, but in fact this is far from the case. The task at first glance seems simple: you need to find 2 cats in the picture in 1 minute, but only a few can cope with the puzzle. Just in case, we will publish the correct answers already under the image. Such comic drawings were very popular in Victorian England. Various puzzles were sent to the editors from all over the country, but most of them were solved really easily.

The townsfolk, accustomed to clicking simple puzzles, were baffled by the author’s trick and the time limit: exactly a minute was allotted for the task, then the puzzle was considered not solved. Look closely at the picture below. It depicts the head of the family reading a newspaper, his wife peacefully knitting a sweater and a girl playing on the floor with a doll. But where are the cats? Try to solve the problem in the allotted 60 seconds. The first cat is simply, it is in plain sight, at the feet of a man. Problems begin with the search for a second animal. Most pay attention to the arm of the chair curved in the shape of a cat’s tail, examine it and waste precious seconds. Then attention switches to the girl, but next to her is not a cat, but a doll.

There is almost no time left and most often people lose. Due to the trick with the arm of the chair, the viewer does not have time to see the woman’s dress. She doesn’t actually knit, but holds pince-nez in her hand. On her lap is not a sweater – but a white cat!

See how this riddle is explained:

Simple at first glance, the test challenges attentiveness. Sometimes you need to be able to quickly switch attention.


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