Foresters found a steel tank with a padlock in the middle of the Taiga and tried to figure out who put it there

In the depths of the Taiga foresters found a strange steel tank with a door welded and locked. They had never seen anything like it before: the whole group raised questions about the strange device, and people tried to understand why and who had put it almost in the middle of a dense forest.

A survey of the territory showed that the metal box was not just standing in the forest: there was also a hut hidden from the eyes nearby. Such hunting huts are common in the North, where local residents have traditionally been engaged in forestry – hunting and fishing.

Around the huts there is an unspoken set of rules: everyone can use an empty house in the taiga, but when leaving, you need to replenish food supplies and leave everything in its place.

Almost all huts were cut according to the same principle: benches for sleeping, a table, a couple of windows. There is always a supply of food here. The company put forward different versions of the purpose of the device, but they turned out to be wrong – but the next day the owner of the building came and explained everything.








It is interesting that no one in the district uses such safes.

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