The guy heard a noise from the wall. He decided to check and found a living creature: video

There are many animal lovers. There are even people who like to keep animals in their house and take care of them as they would take care of their children. But there are people who think that nature is the place of animals. They need freedom. Today we will present you such a beautiful story that although the boy helped the bird, he still released it into the wild.

Behind the dull-looking bathroom wall, Chuck Ferris heard strange noises. It was impossible to ignore them. The man decided to check what was happening and for this he dismantled part of the wall: in a minute he found a living creature. Chuck heard scraping sounds behind the wall all morning. At first he thought that the neighbors were making repairs.

Then I realized – the sound is heard from the outer wall, where there are no apartments. Having examined the entire apartment, Chuck localized the sound in the bathroom. Here it became louder and more distinct. Obviously, someone was inside the wall. I remembered seeing a nest by my window. Looks like a bird got into the vent and now can’t get out, the man suggested.


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