The woman has not cleaned her house for 2 years because she does not like cleaning. Her house has always been clean and how she discovered it after retirement.

Frances Gabe didn’t clean her own house for 20 years. The woman often called the guests and they could not understand why all the rooms still remain clean. The woman told her smart secret only in retirement: her way of cleaning the house is so thoughtful that it deserves a Nobel Prize. In her youth, Francis graduated from the Polytechnic College and was well versed in physics and mechanics. She quickly began to earn good money and from the age of 23 she fully supported her husband, who was always looking for work, and then her children.

The situation did not bother the woman too much – she only asked her family to keep the house clean. Frances really disliked cleaning.  The kids grew up and moved away, and Frances still didn’t want to waste time keeping it clean. Instead, the woman called on her knowledge of physics to help, and since 1979 she finally solved the issue of cleaning.

Never again did Frances take up the vacuum cleaner and the rag, but every room in the house remained clean. Surprised guests and relatives repeatedly tried to find out her secret, but the woman flatly refused to tell. Only in retirement did she reveal the secret of the tricky house.

It was all designed as one big dishwasher: at the push of a button, sprinklers were launched in all rooms, detergents flowed into pipes that were built right into the walls. Another press of the button – and already clean water washes off the soapy solution. The floor, inclined at a special angle, allowed the water to immediately drain into the drain in the fireplace, then the hot air drying was started. Of course, Francis had to rework both the furniture and the walls:


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