The pensioner announced that he will become a model, but everyone laughed. He went up to the podium and people didn’t believe that he was so old

Another fashion show in Hong Kong attracted the attention of the audience with a confident middle-aged fashion model – a man took to the podium. Already after the event, the hero of the evening was surrounded by journalists and were quite surprised by his real age: Wang Deshun recently celebrated his 86th birthday, but outwardly the man barely looks 40 years old. Back in 1973, “The King of Kung Fu” became one of the first Chinese films in demand in the West.

Not least thanks to the charismatic hero played by the same Wang Deshun – the actor was predicted to have an excellent career, but at some point he simply disappeared from the screens. As it turned out later, the man decided to devote most of his life to sports and self-development. Apparently, he made the right bet: today Wang does not look his age at all. His appearance at the show of the Hong Kong fashion designer immediately aroused the interest of the public.

Wang has become a sought-after performer – no wonder, given his professional qualities: Naturally, today Wang does not even think about ending his career. He earns good money simply on his image of a healthy man in his prime.


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