The man was doing repairs in the living room and found a well. Steps led deep underground

Colin and his wife Vanessa moved into the outlying house back in the 1980s. It was time for repairs, but in the living room, when changing the floorboards, the man suddenly found a hidden well. Its steps led deep underground—much deeper than the foundation. The sinkhole in the living room was filled with earth and covered with thin boards. The well was clearly hidden on purpose, and the previous owner of the house did not know anything about it. For stationary excavations of a strange well, half of the house would have to be dismantled.

The Briton could not afford this and therefore the work on studying the failure was very slow․ The man managed to partly trace the history of the well. It could function as early as the 15th century, but then the failure was clearly used for other purposes. The steps may well end in a cave hidden very deep underground. But while the Briton went down only 12 meters down.

Looks like this is far from the end of the excavation: The local historical community knows nothing about the strange well. Colin expects sooner or later to discover the strange secret of the failure in the living room.


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