In the old industrial zone, a passer-by saw a pink garage. The door was open, but behind it was a descent underground

In the middle of the old industrial zone, a passer-by noticed a strangely prominent pink kiosk. The door of the building was open. The man looked in out of curiosity, expecting to see the barn at most. However, behind the door was a descent deep underground. The steps of the rusty staircase were covered with mud and oil. There has obviously been no one here for a long time. A little lower, a passer-by stumbled upon another door – this time a heavy hermetic seal with markings blocked his way.

The shutter made it possible to understand where the strange kiosk led in general: in this way, even in Soviet times, civil defense shelters were masked. This particular bunker has indeed been abandoned for a long time. The shelter is built underground in a concrete box with three entrances at once. The kiosk is a spare passage, the two main tunnels lead to the nearest industrial zone enterprise.

The shelter area is about 2500 square meters. It was obviously built with all the workers of the plant in mind. The doors of the main corridors are also designed to receive a large flow of people at once:

Despite the fact that now the shelter is abandoned, it can be restored in a matter of days. It is enough to provide the bunker with a new generator, a supply of water and food.


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