A little girl suddenly starts dancing in the car when her favorite song starts

Uptown funk sounds again! Last summer’s hit song may not be on the radio as much as it used to, but people of all ages in all parts of the world agree that the famous Bruno Mars song is nothing short of a smash hit. Your opinion may not be the same as that of many people, but we have found a video that demonstrates our point of view. It is a song that even the little ones like. Ethan Turn was in the car with her niece when she heard the first lines of Uptown Funk playing on the radio.


She sat intently as the song started, then the beat finally picked up. When she does, his reaction is just adorable. We know you’ve danced like this when your favorite song comes on the radio. This girl is no different and she starts dancing sitting in her car seat. The little ones always tend to tell the truth, and even more so when they do not transmit it with words, but with gestures.


This little girl was sitting in the back of her aunt’s car when she suddenly starts playing the Bruno Mars hit, Uptown funk. In the video below you can see how she nods her head to the rhythm of the music and finally she can’t help herself and she starts dancing with a lot of energy. Even at the end of the song she claps her hands as a sign that she liked her.


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