The hairdresser presented several photos of his beautiful works

Getting older can be a difficult reality for many to accept, which is why it is not uncommon to dye your hair as it begins to turn grey. Jack Martin, the owner of Jack Martin Salon, works daily as a hairstylist, and wants to make a move to keep the little grays instead.

No one knows for sure why people and animals get gray hair. But we know that it is the stem cells in the hair follicle that make new hair, and that it is the melanocytes that make the color of the hair. If these cells do not send chemical signals to each other, color production stops and the hair turns grey. In fact, gray hair can also be about good health. 

Nobody knows for sure, but when we talk about the visuals isn’t it just great to show that we’ve lived a few years? Do you have to dye your hair even if it turns grey? Stylist Jack Martin believes that we can wear gray hair just as well as colored hair. He has therefore created an account on Instagram where he weekly shows photos of his customers which he encourages to emphasize the gray hairs. Look at the photo parade below, it’s beautiful!

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