The student appeared at the graduation event in simple slippers.

There is no doubt that things can easily become popular these days, and more so when it comes to society and the lack of protocol that needs to be followed during certain events. This doesn’t mean judging every person who doesn’t do the “right” thing, because after all, these rules change over the years, especially when it comes to dress codes, for a few examples. In most schools, it is very common to wear a uniform every day of the week, and at graduation, a cap and gown ceremony is held to distinguish the graduates. On the occasion of the new generation of graduate’s event, a video appeared on social networks to make fun of one of the students who decided to wear simple slippers instead of heels or other types of shoes.

 A TikTok user uploaded the video in a mocking tone, but surprisingly, instead of the prevailing criticism, many subscribers decided to defend it and comment on it. User @vnhqok posted the SpongeBob trend, which reads, “We painted the whole house and not a single drop of paint. What’s that?!”, which is used to represent surprising and shocking situations. In addition to making fun of the student, they all wanted to emphasize her efforts to finish her studies and not focus on her appearance or the way she dressed, and commented that it was a scene that “shouldn’t have been recorded”. Today it is very popular to dress in a smart casual style where you can mix everyday clothes and accessories but with a formal touch. So it shouldn’t be too hard to understand that someone would wear straitjackets to such an event.


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