The mother was excited to leave her son alone at school for the first time

The scene caused criticism from users towards the mother, who only showed her feelings. The children’s first day of school, two years after the epidemic, generated a lot of noise on social media. Various videos showed us the experiences of parents before the expected start of the school year. Through TikTok, we could see parents desperate to cover books, get supplies, and just happy to drop their kids off at school. We were also able to appreciate the teachers who no longer remembered what the classroom lessons were like and endless jokes. As hard as it may be to believe, not all parents react the same way when it comes to their children. Everyone has different experiences and feelings.

This year, the mother was criticized for not controlling her emotions and getting emotional when she dropped her son off at school. This is a completely normal reaction. As we mentioned before, all caregivers experience parenthood in different ways. Some are more delineated with children and for others this moment can fill them with nostalgia and pride because their little one is growing up. This mother’s video generated thousands of responses.


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