People treat women with makeup differently. A study was conducted in this regard

Some think that women put on makeup to look more attractive. However, the results of the study show otherwise. It is natural for people to want to look their best when they leave the house or go to meet someone. History proves this since over the year’s various tools have been invented so that people, especially women, look more beautiful according to the tastes of the time. This is how makeup was born, a series of products that seek to achieve the canonically beautiful appearance for society.

 Although makeup began as an alternative to eliminate imperfections, little by little it evolved into a type of art. Many professional makeup artists say that a person’s face is a blank canvas with a sea of possibilities. Women have adopted makeup to use in their daily lives, either because they don’t like a dark circle or a pimple and decide to cover it up. If you think you need a bit of color or simply because you like your face to show many colors and be a reflection of your personality. However, there have also been many comments from outsiders who claim that makeup is unnecessary as it just hides people’s faces and you can’t tell how they normally look. 

Some even claim that makeup is expressly used to fool men, let’s not forget the trend that said that the first date should be in a swimming pool. Opinions are divided, some vote in favor of wearing makeup and others against. For this very reason, researchers from Bangor University and the University of Aberdeen published the results of their study in. Apparently men perceive a woman as more attractive when she wears less makeup. The results were based on an investigation carried out on 22 men and 22 women. Another 44 were told to share a photo with no makeup on and another with a night out makeup look.

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