The grandmother asks her granddaughter to change her appearance, hours later the change was ready

Goar Avetisyan is a woman living in Russia and works in her beauty salon. For 17 years, he tried to convince his grandmother to visit him and see his salon, but he never succeeded. Grandmother Shuraa lived in Armenia and never wanted to visit Russia for a thousand reasons. However, one day her grandmother felt very ugly, so she decided to visit her and of course it was worth it. Goar is a professional stylist and makeup artist.

After insisting on her grandmother for so many years, her grandmother very sadly went to Russia, asking to change her appearance. When Shuraa finally visited her granddaughter, she immediately took her to her beauty salon.

For years I thought about transforming her and that is that it is never too late to pamper yourself and make changes in our personality, the change in the look that she gave her was so radical and amazing that everyone was amazed. Before the makeover, Grandma had grown her hair long and didn’t wear a drop of makeup.

Goar wanted to do something very special for his grandmother. 17 years is a long time, but after what Goar did for Grandma, it was worth the wait. How was this amazing change possible? There is no doubt that this granddaughter has a lot of talent in her hands, besides the fact that she did it with a lot of love.

The video was replayed thousands of times, it should be noted that the grandmother could not help but look in the mirror and thank her granddaughter, she certainly regretted not visiting her earlier. Goar is a true professional and the following photos will prove it, his transformations are amazing, see for yourself. What do you think of these drastic changes? It’s never too late to do something for ourselves.

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