Quokka are considered the happiest animals in the world

There are many animals in the world around us, which of course are very beautiful. However, among them there are those whose species are very few. Special laws have been established for such animals to protect them.

One such country is Australia, which has established special laws for visiting animals. Today we will tell you about a beautiful and smiling animal, whose species are very few and can be seen in special parks.

It’s called a Quokka and it’s a small marsupial that lives in Australia. It attracts tourists and locals alike and all because of its gentle expression. This little animal has a facial expression that mimics a smile. This does not mean that you feel that way or express this emotion all the time. If you want to take a picture with this little one, there are rules set by the people in charge of their sanctuaries. A quokka must willingly approach and establish trust with you (the Australian government has fined people who pick up the animal without consent) and respect its territory as well.


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