The grandfather takes his great-granddaughter to school with pleasure and waits for the end of the lessons to bring her home

Despite the fact that his life has been difficult, Eliodoro Maciel Centurión does not give up and does everything possible to give his family a lot of love. Eliodoro Maciel Centurión is an 88-year-old man, originally from Paraguay who accompanies his great-granddaughter every day to her school, according to EXTRA.

Despite his advanced age, Eliodoro still has energy to be with part of his family and accompany them to multiple places since his life denied him having a family of his own.

Loreley Roa, mother of the minor, is not Eliodoro’s direct granddaughter, he is the brother of her grandfather.

Loreley’s daughter, 7-year-old Genesis, is accompanied by her great-great-uncle every day on her way to school. According to what Loreley recounts, Eliodoro was always very close to them.

Currently the old man lives comfortably in the house of Loreley and Génesis, who consider him as a father who always strives to give them all the support they need.

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