They try in a thousand ways to control their daughter’s hair but there is no solution

Almost all mothers are very excited to brush their daughters’ hair, make them new hairstyles and make them look beautiful. Phoebe Braswell from North Carolina has totally uncontrollable hair, it grows up from her scalp and stays that way no matter what.

 “I’ve tried dozens of products in an attempt to control Phoebe’s hair, but none have worked so far,” says Jamie. “Every morning she wakes up with matted hair and it stays that way all day, it’s like she just woke up every time you look at her»․ “Every time we go out there are comments, some say to us:” Oh wow, her hair is crazy, she’s been playing with a balloon, right?

That is just one example of the comments that you have to hear from strangers when you go out, for some reason there are people who feel they have the right to criticize the little girl or her mother without knowing the whole truth. Jamie has chosen to wear head accessories that keep Phoebe more comfortable and that her hair doesn’t fall in her face. “I always put a headband on her head to try to control her hair and keep it out of her face․

Phoebe is happy because she looks like her favorite character, Poppy, however Jamie is very worried that this condition will cause problems at school once he has to go to her. It’s unfair that people make fun of others just for looking different, Phoebe didn’t ask to be born with that condition. Hopefully this little girl doesn’t have too many problems in the future and she finds a way to deal with the comments of others.

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