Farm in the interior of Minas Gerais offers free “sweet oranges” to drivers passing by road

Drivers passing through the rural area of ​​Desterro do Melo, a small town of 3,000 inhabitants in the south of Minas Gerais, will be greeted with great hospitality and sweet oranges by its residents. There is the “Refazenda Rio Xopotó”, a house of collective experiences and contact with the countryside․

Recently, its temporary guests picked dozens of fresh oranges and went to the road that crosses the rural area of ​​the city to offer them thanks to motorists. “There are sweet oranges for you who are passing through this side of Serra do Melo”, wrote Refazenda in the caption of a post shared on Instagram that shows the good deed. Refazenda Rio Xopotó is located in an “enchanted” corner of Desterro do Melo, close to Barbacena and Tiradentes.

“We are governed by nature, by the cycle of the seasons, by the ancestry of being and living”, wrote one of the locals. On its official website, the property states that it is temporarily occupied “by those who need care and want to take care of it, who yearn for bushes, open-air and starry waterfalls, in addition to aspiring new smells, flavors and giving new meanings to life”.

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