This is the flower that changes its appearance when it rains. Its leaves become transparent in the presence of water

Without the presence of flowers, something would seem to be lacking in nature. They are diverse and very beautiful. Flowers beautify nature and seem to complete all its charm. There are people who are real lovers of flowers and take care of them at home or in their gardens. However, a number of species living in the mountains in nature cannot adapt to home conditions. We present to you the story of a beautiful flower that seems to change when it rains.

Gray’s bifolia isn’t the prettiest of flowers. Most people will pass without even looking at its round, white petals. But they ignore its amazing ability to become transparent in contact with water․ Native to the forested mountains of northern Japan, Gray’s bifolia blooms from mid-spring to early summer. In dry weather, the flowers are firm, but in the rain they become transparent, giving beauty to the plant. When the petals dry, they turn white again.

“On a sunny day, a diffuse reflection occurs between the conjugated air bubbles and the colorless cytolymphs, as a result, the petals appear white. In the rain, water penetrates the interstices and intercellular spaces: the air couple -original liquid is replaced by a liquid-liquid couple.

Since cytolymph and water have comparable refractive indices, light transmission increases dramatically,” the chemists explain.This flower not only delights flower growers and biologists: with its help, scientists have developed a nanophotonic material that maintains transparency under water by repelling oil particles.


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