The British flight attendant twins have taken the internet by storm with their beauty and similarity

Similar outwardly to two drops of water, the twins are in no way obliged to have the same character, the same habits, the same tastes, and even less to choose the same profession. But Birmingham twins Anna and Laura Perry are exceptions to this rule.

They were so close that even after graduation they didn’t want to leave and always stay close to each other. These lovely girls love the same food, music, clothes, cars and more . But curiously, they chose the same job․

Anna and Laura have fulfilled their childhood dream of the sky – they are stewardesses in the airline “Virgin Atlantic” and prefer to fly on the same flight. When their flight times don’t match, they turn to their colleagues for discussion. Laura says they almost always do everything together, and when they apply for a job, the twins set a condition that if one of them doesn’t get hired, the second leaves too. Anna and Laura don’t never tire of each other, they like to travel together, visit museums, they call San Francisco their favorite city.

Anna sees herself and her sister as one and the same, girls like to be in the spotlight when the surprised and admiring gazes of others are directed at them. They continue to wear the same clothes as in their childhood, and they don’t mind at all․ Even a page on social networks they have one for two.

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