Familiarize yourself with this pigeon, it is considered the most beautiful among all pigeon species.

It is no wonder that people are easily and naturally fascinated by beautiful things, for we are all inhabitants of a strikingly beautiful Earth, on which every meter is a dazzling creation of the nature. There are so many different amazing phenomena in the world, and all of them are unique, sometimes to the point of madness․

No wonder many people say that nature is an impeccable artist, and today we are going to once again show how breathtaking her work can be. Meet an incredibly bizarre bird – the fan-crowned dove. Of course, after the word “dove” you do not expect to see anything exceptional, but in vain.

After all, this amazing creature is distinguished by bright blue plumage and a luxurious crown on top and, despite its unforgettable appearance, belongs to the pigeon family. In size, these birds are much larger than their relatives and can reach the size of a turkey․ This species, which lives in a region of New Guinea, is also called Victoria crowned pigeon. The bird received this name in honor of an outstanding historical figure – Queen Victoria, who ruled Great Britain for 63 years.

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