The boy with the longest eyelashes became a big boy today

There are many people in the world and of course all of them are different in character and appearance. There are people who become famous because of their appearance. There are many people who are registered in the Guinness Book of Records due to their peculiarities. We present to you the story of a special boy who became famous due to his rather long eyelashes and eyebrows.

The unusual hero of our material, Muin, was born in Tajikistan in a large family. Immediately after the boy was born, his mother could not believe her eyes – the child’s eyelashes reached his lips. Doctors said the baby was completely healthy. Much attention is riveted to Muin, as none of his peers, and even older people, have such a characteristic in appearance.

In addition, the boy has very thick eyebrows, and the doctors made a valid conclusion – Muin spoke only ethnic signs of his people. It’s no secret that representatives of eastern nationalities have thicker and healthier hair ․ Muin is so unique that he even entered the Guinness King of Records. He was able to beat the world record among children for the length of eyelashes.

The most interesting thing is that the growth of eyelashes does not stop, and it is possible that soon he may become the absolute world record holder. For the boy himself, such heightened public attention already seems quite normal. He is used to being asked what is wrong with his eyelashes and why they are so long.

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