An old woman cares about the cleanliness of the planet so much that she started cleaning the beaches herself

The level of pollution of the planet is increasing day by day. There are already entire garbage islands in the ocean, which can turn into garbage continents very soon. Although many environmentalists are trying to fight against the pollution of the planet, their struggle does not bring the necessary results. However, people who love our planet do not give up and continue to fight for it, sometimes even alone. 

British retiree Pat Smith is serious and fights pollution every day. A single 70-year-old woman cleaned her country’s beaches of plastic and other waste. In barely a year, he has achieved the almost impossible, he has managed to clean 52 beaches. To bring the public to the issue, the woman decided to set up the Last Straw Cornwall Society. The organization was supposed to help the inhabitants of a small Cornish town to start a fight against pollution. 

One of Pat’s biggest causes has been his desire to preserve nature for future generations. In addition, the woman started running her own blog, in which she showed how she cleans the beaches, as well as described the type of pollution that she encounters most often. Many subscribers to his channel also wanted to help protect the environment. Pat soon had a team of like-minded people who helped him. 

Not everyone is aware of this type of problem. One of the most frustrating things for Pat and his team members is that they often have to clean up areas that have already been visited. Despite the fact that the UK is a developed country and has a plastic waste recycling system, as well as waste treatment plants, more than 85 tons of plastic are thrown away in the country every year. 

You should know that 1 plastic bottle decomposes in 200 years. I would like to believe that the example of Pat Smith and the entire team at Last Straw Cornwall will become an example not only for the British, but for every person on the planet.

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