A 19-year-old boy fell in love and married a 53-year-old woman. They are very happy

For many, age is just a number. There are many cases in the world where women with a big age difference connect their lives with each other and live happily. For many, the marriage of an old woman or a young man seems unbelievable, but it was actually a reality. They love each other unconditionally, even though the woman’s children doubt her love story.

All ages are subject to love. this phrase is known to many. In fact, as a general rule, people are more likely to seek mates around the same age. Gary Hardwick, a resident of the US state of Tennessee, proved that the age difference cannot be an obstacle to true love․

The 19-year-old man decided to visit his relatives. While talking with his relatives, he drew attention to a woman much older than him, but even though the situation was not favorable for acquaintance, he could not remain indifferent․ Gary couldn’t stop thinking about his wife and soon decided to call her and ask her for a walk in the park. After this meeting, the new Romeo finally realized that he had fallen madly in love. Gary and Amelda started calling and dating, and two weeks later, the boy decided to propose to his girlfriend, to which she said yes.

The couple had a modest wedding, to which only the closest people were invited. The 53-year difference did not bother the couple in love at all, but the woman’s children were skeptical about the marriage. They believe that Gary just wants to get their elderly mother’s inheritance.

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