The house, which is on a ditch, can be moved. It is 140 square meters. It has two bedrooms

It often happens that big houses don’t satisfy us so much and we strive to get more calm and interesting looking houses. In addition, traveling is very popular now, thanks to which our life becomes interesting and adventurous. prices are in high demand. 

Can you imagine building in just 140 square feet? A slightly crazy idea, but close to reality. Baluchon is a French company that is engaged in the construction of such houses. It is a craft company whose goal is to build small houses that are convenient and interesting. Here you can enjoy all the comforts of a regular home. The size of this house is only 140 square feet, but it has everything for living to the fullest. Tiny House Valhalla is an interesting mobile tiny house, which has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a small living room, a bathroom. Every room has all the amenities. The furniture is very functional and impressive.

Since the areas in urban areas are densely populated and dense, such small houses are in great demand, as they do not take up much space.

These are not merely minimalist ideas, but structures to increase the adaptability of stairs. These are being built especially in the USA, but they are starting to spread in other countries as well. These terraced houses are unique options and are in high demand. These are definitely preferred by the garden lovers. The builders of these houses have started giving business because they are making a lot of money.

Today, these houses enjoy the interest and attention of many people, and many people, while traveling, build similar houses in advance to enjoy their vacation. By the way, these houses are on wheels, so they can be easily moved and thus it is possible to enjoy the change of nature’s images.


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