Despite her age, a woman spends her time making warm clothes for dogs not to get cold.

For thousands of people, dogs are considered the most fun pets. The old people are especially very caring and attentive towards animals. Maisie Green, 89, was a similar animal-loving old woman. She expressed her love and devotion to them in a different way. Who can imagine what kind of work she did to protect dogs from the cold? She sewed 450 coats and blankets with her own efforts.They were meant for shelter dogs. As many people know there are charities that try to find homes for dogs in the UK.

That organization was 127 years old. The 89-year-old woman was a great lover of pet dogs. That’s why she sewed blankets for 450 dogs. She did it all by hand.It was a lot of fun and a favorite thing for her .

She donated blankets to the center 3 times a year. The organization highly appreciated the grandmother’s work and noted that she donated sweaters and blankets to the organization for years.  She mentioned that knitting was fun for her and she loved dogs so it became a hobby for her. It took her three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a coat.

She did  it and the time was  useful. and made it interesting. She did this while sitting in front of the TV.She was different from other women her age because of her diligence and ability to help animals. Her clothes were perfect and very skillfully made. Now the dogs had a great helper and friend. They wouldn’t have to be cold outside. They now had a warm bed and warm sweaters for their cold ones to spend the winters. The charity provided shelter for the dogs and always accepted an old lady’s donation of blankets and sweaters every year.

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