An airplane turned into a guest house. It is located in the lap of nature

We all know that airplanes are designed to fly, but perhaps many people did not know that you can make a luxurious restaurant out of it. Here today we will present a similar idea, which is very different and unique. Today, it is not at all surprising to bring interesting and creative ideas to life.

Everyone can become the author of a creative idea, which will become a unique work. Here is a Boeing 727, which was turned into a restaurant in the shape of an airplane,  thanks to Joan Usarin. He was moved from the airport to his premises and he began to process it. He paid 2,000 dollars to buy it, and 4,000 dollars to transport it to his territory.

This big  aircraft is located at a height of 50 feet. Inside there are 2 large bedrooms, which have the possibility of air conditioning. It will cost £200-£250 to spend one night here. This aircraft looks old and useless from the outside, but from the inside it has a beautifully furnished interior. It serves as a guest house and restaurant. The overnight conditions here are very high quality. The furniture is made of high-quality wood and is in line with the requirements of the time. The tableware shines with its fashion and luxurious appearance.

The surroundings of the plane are also very beautiful, full of greenery and flowers. Breathing clean air is also ensured.  Violin accompaniment  is  best friend. This airplane restaurant still has enough guests and hosts guests from all over the world.


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