This bus is 23 years old. Today it has already turned into a beautifully arranged house, in which a family of seven lives

A young couple, Tom Grantom, 29, and Kayleigh Barnes, 30, bought an old bus on the market and turned it into a modern, comfortable and convenient mobile home that can accommodate 5 people at a time. This bus is 23 years old and they bought it in 2011 for just £1200. In a few months, they turned it into a comfortable and modern mobile home, they had to invest about 10 thousand pounds.

The result is a comfortable home where Tom and Kaylee can live, as well as their three children: 3-year-old Henry, 7-year-old Poppy Mae and 8-year-old Logan.  Tom’s responsibilities included the technical layout of the bus, as well as furniture, electricity, etc. And Kaylee created comfort and interior, she installed a soft carpet on the floors and made a wooden covering, which gave comfort and a homely atmosphere. He decorated the walls with beautiful paintings.

The furniture was also very simple and very comfortable. She prepared a special room for the children, which she decorated with beautiful and colorful decorations. The woman thought about every detail and chose it. She brought the wonderful idea to life and it turned out to be a wonderful apartment .

The mobile home has a living room with two wide sofas that convert into two double beds if needed. All necessary facilities are provided: oven, stove, gas fireplace, sink  and shower. The fact that the mobile home was once a bus only serves as a reminder of the traditional driver’s seat.

The British family vacations in their mobile home in Belgium and France, and also attends various music festivals throughout the UK. Bringing their idea to life, they created an ideal residence that was very suitable for living in. Their family was not so big and it was very suitable for living and enjoying peace. Thanks to innovative ideas, the world changed and ideas for beautiful and comfortable houses emerged, which made life easy and affordable.


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