These contestants achieved success on their own after the competition ended

Thousands of show programs reveal the abilities of many talents and give them the opportunity to become famous. The world’s “X Factor” is, in fact, the main music show in many countries around the world. The main goal of the project is to show new talented artists to the world. Thanks to the    “X-Factor”, the Russian scene shone with greater power, as young performers renewed the domestic show business.

Today, probably only the not  listening  or the lazy have not heard Dmitry Monatik’s hit “Kruzhit”. It started with the boy born in Brest and raised in Russia with the “Minute of Fame” on the First Channel. Then there was the  “X-Factor”, where Vlad sang a duet with Craig David in one of the broadcasts and reached the final. After the end of the show, Vladislav  began to build a musical career there.

The result is a full album, several clips and participation in the Eurovision 2016 selection. According to Vladislav, now, more than ever, he feels a creative upswing. Yevgeny Litvinkovich is probably one of the most charismatic participants of the X-Factor TV show. The singer has a really outstanding talent, and before the “X-Factor” he participated in the program ” Got Talent”, Litvinkovich is making his way to the top of the creative Olympus with all his might. After the overwhelming success of the first solo concerts, Zhenya went on tour . Each new song of the album made a big noise among the loyal fans of the artist. Eugene participated in the national selection. His talented voice was very attractive and expressive and due to this he gained great fame. He was recognized thanks to that competition. He also climbed other stages and tried to achieve his career through great efforts.


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