The couple decided to keep it a secret from their relatives that they would soon have a child. They organized a party and showed everyone their baby

Having a baby is a big event in every couple’s life. There are couples who celebrate the news with friends or relatives. However, our today’s couple was different from all other couples. They were very happy when they found out that they will have a child. They decided to surprise their relatives and did not tell anyone. A couple suddenly announces their departure. They moved for a period of nine months, that is, until the child was born. Their relatives didn’t notice anything and didn’t even have any doubts, and they immediately accepted their decision. The couple had a very good idea of what would happen next, and clearly decided that they would be silent until the child was born.

They left for another city and kept insisting that it was too early to have a baby. Their relatives missed them a lot and wanted to visit them, but they were strictly against it and forbade them to visit. They managed to keep their secret in every possible way. Three days after the birth of the child, they returned to their hometown, the couple already had a daughter. They warned their relatives that they were coming back and asked them to organize a big party because they missed everyone. The relatives fulfilled their request without thinking for a long time, they did not even think of what surprise was waiting for them. The couple also asked that no one leave the house and wait for them at home. When they were sitting and waiting with all their relatives, suddenly they heard the doorbell, upon opening the door, they were surprised, who is this child, the first question sounded, get to know her, this is our little girl, Sara. Everyone was surprised, and the couple started telling everything why they left and why they didn’t want to visit them, all of that had an explanation, and it was Sara. The couple thought that their surprise was received and they were very happy.


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