He’s 83 and she’s 79, and they’re back to dancing on ice. Olympic champions at this age danced so beautifully as if they were young

Every day we come across such cases, thanks to which we understand that age is not decisive in life, at any age people can work, study, and finally can dream and achieve their dreams. Any dream can be realized if there is determination. Motivation is also a great impetus to move forward and try one’s own strength. Today we will reveal the fact that Olympic champions Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov wete talented. They lived their lives and when they reached the threshold of old age, they tried to bring interest into their lives and everyday life.Despite their age, they were and will remain Olympic champions. Their performances were once enjoyed by the crowd without exception.

Now they are 83 and 79 years old. At that age, skating on ice may seem impossible, but not for them. Their speeches are very wonderful, light and carefree. Unbeatable easy glide, long stride, everything natural and amazing. Professionalism always excels in their speeches.Real figure skating has no boundaries, it is like heaven and earth. They have always surprised Iranian audiences with the best performances. Everyone  was  always delighted to leave the hall, they convey their magical feelings and emotions to the audience. They deserved eternal respect because they deserved  the title of Olympic champion.Crossing the threshold of 80, this couple fascinated and impressed with their figure skating skills and smooth movements. In fact, age is nothing compared to a person’s desires and goals. Human imagination and abilities are endless and ideal. Even at this age, life is wonderful and beautiful and there is a desire to live and enjoy it. They imagined their life interesting and colorful through figure skating.


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