This group started dancing in the street. The people gathered around them also joined in the wonderful dance

Singing and dancing have a very positive effect on our mood. The mood of each of us can change dramatically when we suddenly hear some pleasant music or see people dancing around us. They are considered very important in life dance and music. Dance is considered a type of art whose image is the human body. Rhythmic movements, expressive posture are considered important components in dance.Dancing people have a bigger horizon, for them dance has no boundaries.

They are not ashamed, but live the dance thinking only about the movements, and the number of observers does not seem to bother them. A dance evening was organized in one of the streets of America. The dance group, which consisted of 10 people, very suddenly decides to perform on the street. At that time of the day, the streets are not so crowded, but they managed to attract everyone’s attention. The loud and pleasant music turned on managed to attract passers-by. In a few hours the street was filled with hundreds of people.All those who were tired at the end of a long working day seemed to forget and came to the street to see the performance. And the dancers were much more excited to see such a great crowd. Very energetic dancing and nice movements. Even the crowd started dancing and cheering. This group seems to have deliberately taken this step to bring joy to the whole city. There were also elderly people in the crowd, whose presence was a little unbelievable, but they did not mind repeating such pleasant evenings.The dance group did not want to end the evening, they managed to make the city residents happy for quite a long time. The dance group took part in many concert programs and took leading positions. They danced many rhythmic dances, which already attracted the participants. They watched the dancers and tried to copy the movements, or danced with the movements that suited them. The end of a great day they had and wanted to see the band back on their streets.The group was very satisfied and left promising to repeat this beautiful evening again. They received quite a lot of applause and praise. They were able to fulfill their mission and left satisfied. People were in a very good mood at the end of the day and we were once again convinced that dance and music should be part of our lives.


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