The 13-year-old boy built a house for himself in their yard. The interior of the house is comfortable

In the modern world, human life has changed a lot, people are gradually reaching perfection, but not to live a luxurious life, but to create a comfortable environment. That purposefulness is more often found in adolescence, because at that age they think more about dreams and the importance of their realization.

Luke Till from Iowa was 13 years old when he came up with the idea. At his age, not everyone would have thought about building their own house. He told about the construction works of his house on his YouTube channel. Initially, he needed money. He started doing work for his neighbors, mowing grass for some money. He raised $1,500 and started working on the house. One of his acquaintances was an electrician, and at Luke’s request, he solved the house’s electricity issues. The total area of ​​the house was 8.2 square meters.

It had electricity, but no heating, so the house had no bathroom and no water. He took the rest of the necessary items for the house from his grandmother’s house. He received a lot of help from his parents, they were very happy, because their son was learning a great life lesson: to achieve his goals on his own, and their help was simply mandatory. And for Luke, it was a big deal, he could be separated to play video games or just hang out with his friends. Luke considered his dream come true.

He took some photos and posted them on the Internet, and he became the center of attention of many followers. Everyone was amazed at the work he had done. Luke already had plans to build another house, bigger and more comfortable, but he would do that when he had already finished school and moved to college. “I really want to show all my peers the work I’ve done, because each of them can do it if they have a little desire,” said Luke in one of his videos.He showed great intelligence and creative thinking to complete his work. It worked for him and it must be said that it worked very well. His parents were also very proud of him.


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