Whatever you do in life will definitely come back to you one day. A boy’s story

More than half of the world’s population is busy with their own affairs, and they don’t even think to pay attention to each other. People often remain lonely due to lack of attention. Today’s story is about a neglected woman who can change many things in people’s minds. In a small town in Oklahoma, people live their lives, not even paying attention to their surroundings when walking down the street. There lived 11-year-old Tom, who was very interested in his surroundings. He was different from his peers. This rather educated and intelligent boy, instead of playing games in the yard, visited the library to read books from different eras. On an ordinary day, he visited the library to borrow the book “Good People Everywhere” by Linnea Gillen. Human values are embedded in this book. It taught to be kind and caring even to the people around. Already in the evening, while returning home, he met an old woman on the road who was carrying some groceries. The woman was old enough to carry the bag with groceries. When he looked at the people who were passing by ignoring the lonely woman, at that moment the boy realized that he must help the woman, anf he ran and took the bag from the woman’s hand. The old woman, Linda, looked into Tom’s eyes and said “Thank you, you are a divine being”and Tom just smiled. That evening Linda was cooking dinner and suddenly looked out the window and saw a man. He was standing on the side of the road looking very hungry. Linda was standing by the window thinking about the boy who helped her and realized that it was time to help her and immediately ran out.

She approached the man and said “Good evening, would you like to have dinner” the man was surprised that she was noticed and even talked to with him.”Thank you madam, I used to not to eat for days” the man said with a soft smile. But Linda insisted and the man agreed. He introduced himself to Linda as James, and he made very little use of the dinner table. The next day, as usual, James was standing in his place, when he noticed a man who was very well dressed, while walking, a wallet fell from his pocket to the ground, James noticed it and picked it up, seeing the wallet full of dollars, he froze silently, and remembered the woman who helped him yesterday, and ran after the man “Wait sir you lost your wallet” James said. The man turned and took it with a smile. The man was very happy because he was going to pay for his mother’s treatment with money from his wallet. However, that didn’t stop him from thanking James by giving him a little money. James hesitantly took the money and the man named Richard simply said “Bless you” and left. Richard owned a large construction company and was looking for land to build houses on. On the outskirts of town he met Tom and his mom. They lived in a small hut. “Tom, where are you going?” asked his mother. “I’m going to the library, mother,” he said. Suddenly Richard heard it. Tom’s mother felt bad because she could not create a corner in their small house for her son to read. Noticing all that, Richard remembered his childhood, which was the same, he loved to read, and his mother tried hard to please her son and could not buy books for him. Richard approached Tom’s mother and asked how they live in this small house. Richard remembered the man returning his wallet, thanks to which his mother stood up and had a very wonderful idea, she gave Tom and his mother a beautiful apartment, with a large room full of books and enough money to live on. After all this, Tom realized a simple truth: whatever they do in the world, it will come back to them, good or bad. Tom read so many books, and from each book he took an example that was important to him and lived by that example. He even encourages his friends to be considerate of those around them, because it wasn’t that difficult.


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