This country has 11,000 inhabitants. They may not be in the future.

Today we will tell everyone about the little-known Tuvalu. There are people who don’t even know about this country, because it is in the 4th place, counting from the last. But very few people have heard of it, hence the negligible tourist flow. Only 2,000 people visit the country annually. And this small and unknown country is called Tuvalu.

Где находится государство Тувалу - Интересные факты

It is a small island nation in the occupied by three miniature islands and 6 coral reefs that form at the site of high ocean floor elevations. There are also many islands here, the largest of which has an area of five square kilometers, while the smallest barely reaches 400 square meters. The total area of the southern province does not exceed 26 square kilometers. The population of the country is slightly more than 11 thousand inhabitants (data of 2011). And you know what is the most interesting thing?

Знакомство с Тувалу / Туристический спутник

All these islands have white sandy beaches. They are almost identical to what the more popular Pacific resorts offer. But there are far fewer people on them, all due to the fact that few people know about Tuvalu. Some even think of visiting Tuvalu as soon as possible. All this is due to the fact that climate change can have other effects. There were similar suspicions since 1972, when the water appeared almost in all the buildings.

Тувалу — жизнь на краю Тихого океана

There are hopes to develop tourism in this country, as the country’s government wants to invest quite a lot of money to strengthen and enhance the land masses that already have human settlements. The country’s biggest source of income comes from the sale of the national domain. Here they produce extraordinary stamps. Despite some circumstances, there are still many things to see here, which will be noticed by many.


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