Belgium has a number of advantages. The salary is very high there. Many visitors of this country do not want to leave

Every country has its own laws and conditions for living there. All countries differ from each other in different standards. Today we will talk about Belgium. The big plus of this country is that it is quite easy to get here and later establish a permanent residence.

If you get the citizenship of the country, you can forget about everything. The state provides high-quality social protection to all layers of the population. Belgians have a positive attitude towards migrants.
The Belgian economy is developing and is in constant growth. This has a positive effect on people’s standard of living. According to this indicator, the state always ranks first among other EU countries. Wages are high in the country, but to get a good job you need to be a highly skilled worker
Smart, independent and creative employees are highly valued in Yern. It is true that without knowing the language it is difficult to get a good position. Practice shows that the professions in demand for CIS residents are: medicine, builder, accountant and IT specialist. In each of them, the average wage level will be 250-300 percent higher than in any post-Soviet country.

The salary in Belgium attracts almost everyone from the world. Even against the background of salaries in other EU countries, they seem very high. A bartender receives 1.8 thousand euros, a waiter 2 thousand euros, a doctor and an engineer about 4 thousand. Pension payments in Belgium are based on several principles. The pension for a pensioner is provided by law. The employer is obliged to pay a certain amount to the basic salary. Retirement savings are self-saving. On average, pensioners receive 865 euros per month. The pension is determined by length of service. Many elderly people continue to work after 60, in return for which they receive state benefits. The bonus is 9 percent of the received salary. Russians who moved to Belgium for permanent residence note the high quality of medical services. True, they mention the high cost of medical care. They are high and paid for almost everything. A resident of the state pays tax on income, housing, car, barbecue, capital gains, etc. But on the other hand, the state provides large social payments to the citizens. It mainly concerns those who need money. For those who are interested in how to get Belgian citizenship, you should visit the official website of the embassy and find out all the relevant information. We wish success to all those who would like to visit or manage to visit.

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