This artist uses pens to create wonderful paintings that are distinguished by their color shades

Nowadays pen is a versatile and affordable tool for professional and emerging artists looking for non-traditional artistic media. Drawing with a pen requires particularly high precision in applying each stroke and a lot of patience, since its traces are usually not erased. The pen we use today was invented not so long ago: at the middle of the last century. This was a real discovery, thanks to which the patient does not need to get dirty in the coats and carry around pens and jars of ink.

The first ballpoint pen appeared in 1888, which was invented by bank clerk John Loud. However, his invention was far from perfect. Later, the ballpoint pen was improved by George Parker. Today, a ballpoint pen is an indispensable tool for schoolchildren, students, writers and for any person. No gadget can change the traditional ballpoint pen.

It turns out that a pen can not only write text but also draw pictures. Andrey Palataev is a talented artist who draws real masterpieces with a ballpoint pen. His pictures are difficult to distinguish from live photographs. He depicts people, objects and nature so subtly and realistically that it is impossible not to admire his work. The main direction of Palataev, in which he works, is urban studies. He is attracted by the city with its life, noisy or half-empty streets, trees soaked in the rain, and of course passers-by, so different and so similar.

His paintings amaze with the depth of color and contrast. To get this effect with only a pen, he needs to apply many layers. It is necessary to have a clear command of the technique of coloring and feel the line between shades. According to the author, handmade painting is a completely new word in the world of art. He does not paint with colors, because he wants to convey the mood through shades. Monochrome images always leave space for imagination. You can feel this mood in his works, whether it is gloomy rainy weather or a bright sunny day, you can convey color with a ballpoint pen.

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