An 8-year-old boy became the author of a novel against his will

Writing a book at a young age, even at the age of 8, really speaks of the child’s talent. Being truly talented must be innate. Our hero is endowed with such innate talent. Dillon Helbig’s Christmas Adventures appeared in an ordinary notebook with a red cover. It was an adventure story that the boy decided to illustrate with pencils. In the stories about himself, Dillon recounts  of the New Year’s star, his own trip to the North Pole, and many other unusual winter events that he was able to imagine for his literary alter ego.

8-Year-Old Dillon Helbig Wrote His Own Library Book - Motherly

The schoolboy was very satisfied with his work and secretly put the book on the library shelf. He wanted to share his story with other students at school. The boy did not say anything to the librarians because he was afraid that his book would not be considered suitable for the school collection. few days after returning to the library, he discovered that the book had disappeared. Disappointed, Dillon, together with his parents, began to find out his fate. He was afraid that the notebook with the story had been thrown away. It turned out that the book was spotted by librarian Alex Hartman. He decided that the book was wonderful and worthy of becoming part of the library’s collection, so he asked the boy’s parents for permission to assign a barcode to it. The parents happily agreed, and Dillon’s notebook was recognized as a genuine graphic novel. More than 55 people queued for the book, a real sensation for the school library. According to the rules, the reader can use the book for up to four weeks, so maybe some will read these Christmas stories only a few years back.


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