Many of us have heard about Britain’s Got Talent. This is the competition where many participants have been on stage for years. In fact, only talent is not.
What is age? It is just a number. Of course, not everyone thinks like that, but there are many people for whom age is just a number. A...
The “Voice” contest has a large audience all over the world. The contest has given the world many recognizable singers and singers.
You can meet all kinds of people in life. This time we will present the story of a little boy whose mother worked in the same school where...
There are many well-known and famous choirs all over the world, but among them there are those who sing really well and are very popular.
The Voice project is very famous, and we know many people from this project. Today, the seven-year-old girl, who is one of the few who attracted the members...
America Got Talent amazing competition. Among the members of the jury, as we know, is Simon Quell. He rarely goes on stage, but when he does, something extraordinary.
This time, a 16-year-old participant took the stage of the competition, who impressed the jury and the jury thought that Elvis Presley was on stage.
It is impossible to imagine our life without children. They are the joy of our life. Sometimes children can do such actions that you can admire for hours....
Another participant of Romania’s Got Talent is a 14-year-old boy who performed his extraordinary dance and won. The boy’s name is Darius.