The girl sang for only 3 seconds and won

Today, there are quite a few competitions designed to identify talented children. Those competitions make us known to many children. Many of them are already singers today. Sometimes during the competition there are children who seem to be born to become singers.

The Voice Kids“: Sofie ist eine Runde weiter

We present this girl’s performance, which was not an exception. The girl is really talented. She came to win and gain the love and respect of the audience. A girl named Sophie took the stage. She came to participate in The Voice Kids show, . Sophie went on stage and it was felt that she was restless. She started to sing.

Édith Piaf Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Sofie The Voice Kids 2017 Blind Auditions SAT 1 1080p11 - YouTube

She was able to sing for only three seconds. In three seconds, the girl barely managed to say two words. The jury immediately understood and immediately turned the chair. Watch and enjoy his performance. After watching, you will be convinced that he is just a talent. Also write your review after watching


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