The 13-year-old girl went on stage and sang so that the jury said yes.

The girl named Jessica came to sing and win. She has been singing for a long time and today it is time to appear in the Voice Kids UK competition and win.

Jessica came to surprise the jury and she liked it. The jury did not expect such a performance. The girl performed the song “Somebody to Love” and won the hearts of the jury. Jessica was only 13 years old. The girl chose a song that has appeared in the leading positions many times. Everyone was interested in what the girl will sing.


When she started singing, everyone was amazed by the girl’s exceptional talent. She sang very beautifully. He had great talent. The girl finished the song. The whole hall was happy. Jury members turned their chairs. They were delighted with the girl’s performance. And it’s great that there are such talented children in the world and it’s great that there are properly organized competitions, thanks to which talented children get on stage.


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